Hair Encrusted Lamb?
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Finished 2018
What Am I Working On???


1.  Granny's Wedding Quilt

2.  Josh & Nicole's Quilt

3.  Lone Starburst

4.  Kaffe Fasset Quilt

5.  Round We Go



6.  Qiviut Cowl

7.  Monster Pants

8.  Travel Socks #3



9.    Chicago Ornament



The Man in the High Castle

The latest book I finished is  

The Man in the High CastleThe Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick 

This was a science fiction type book with an alternate reality in which the Japanese and the Germans won World War II.   One group of characters is trying to find an author who wrote a book about how life would have been if the Americans had won the war. Another is a Jewish man trying to avoid being found out.  He and his partner make jewelry considered to be "primitive" art by the ruling Japanese class.  I have to say that it just didn't pull me into the story. Unfortunately,  I don't think I can recommend reading it.  



More from Houston

Our third day in Houston started out with a tasty breakfast so we would be fortified for the shopping ahead.  We had a quick meet up with my family, then hit the vendors.  This has been the normal morning routine for the past several years.  We spent some time at "Make It University" and chatted with several of the artists.  My pictures were lousy so we won't be going into any detail there.  Who knew you could double expose on a digital camera?  So much for foolproof.

The afternoon we were back at the quilts.  Isn't this one fun?  It is called Red Weeds on Stricker's Pond by Susan Jackan.

Here's a close up of the weeds.  I wish my real life weeds looked like this, then I wouldn't have to pull them.

 And isn't this quilt clever.  It's called Evening Dandies - Lions That Is by Leigh Layton.

Look at the cute little faces of these lions.  Quilters are so clever.

This miniature quilt is Mission: Impeccable.  All those perfect points.  The ribbon is almost bigger than the entire quilt.   That is the quilt maker, Kumiko Frydl standing next to it.  We were able to chat with her for a bit.  One of the best parts of the show is chatting with the people who make the quilts.  

After we hit quilt overload, we headed out to another tasty dinner.  This time, at the Raven Grill.  Back at the hotel, I worked on the travel sock, admired my new shoes, and fell asleep.  


Home from Houston

Thanksgiving is over and life is settling down so here's the first part of my trip to the Houston Quilt Festival.  It is one of my favorite mini vacations.  This year, I went with my friend Brigitte. We flew in on Wednesday and Diane picked us up at the airport. The first stop was a quilting shop with a small purchase.  Next stop was lunch at Benjy's.  I think this was my favorite meal.  I had the most delicious Fall Cobb Salad.  It had crab, guacamole, shrimp, sunflower seeds, hard boiled egg, couscous and blue cheese.  I'm going to try to recreate that at home.  (Not with those prepackaged eggs though).

I found my holiday outfit at one of the nearby stores and then we went to the Yarn shop.  I know, it's a quilting vacation but if you could see the yarn you would understand.  Four skeins later, we were hungry again and it was off to the Red Onion for dinner. We split a lovely fish and Cuban Pork and, of course, dessert. Then, we headed back to the hotel and off to bed so we would be ready for Thursday.

Thursday started with hazelnut French toast Zucchini's.  We got to the Convention Center where we met my Aunt Elaine, Uncle John, and cousin Ellen.  Finally, the doors opened and we were off.  We spent the morning wandering through the vendor area.  After lunch, it was all about  the quilts.  

This quilt is Mary Manakee Revisited by Nancy Kearns.  She is a New Jersey girl and she won the Founder's Award.  By the way, this quilt is huge and is all hand appliquéd and hand quilted.  I've taken a couple of classes from her and she is also an excellent teacher. 

There was a wonderful Baltimore Album Exhibit, but no pictures were allowed.  I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful work.  Most of the quilts we saw on Thursday were special exhibits with no pictures, but here is another prize winner.  Royal Amethyst by Rachelle Denneny.  

 Here is a close up of the quilting.  Amazing!

We were exhausted by the end of the day.  We had dinner at Guadalajara's with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.  We had to rush out and made a quick stop back at the mall before they closed.  There may have been some very cute shoes in one of the windows we saw when we had breakfast.  In fact, a pair of those very cute shoes may have come home with me.


Happy Birthday Josh

Really, I am going to get my posts about Houston up on this blog, but it is my first baby's birthday today.  He's not really much of a baby anymore, but still. . . .

          Happy Birthday Little Josh



I had intended to work on a post about my trip to Houston today, but I was so terribly shocked at the grocery store that you are going to get a mini rant instead.  Obviously, I was at the grocery store. Wandering through the dairy section,  I spied them.

Prepackaged in a group of 6, peeled hard boiled eggs.  When did it become too difficult or time consuming to boil an egg?  I can make hard boiled eggs while I put my groceries away, or while I wait for my morning coffee, or while I'm watching t.v.  What is so hard about putting eggs in a pan, covering them with water, bringing the water to a gentle boil, and turning the heat off?  And since I've started, who peels those eggs?  Did they wash their hands?  Or were they peeled by some chemical means that I really don't want to think about?  Were the eggs inspected for cracks?  Were the cracked ones thrown away?   What chemicals were they dipped in to enhance shelf life?  (Yes, I actually think of all these things.  It's hard to be me sometimes.  It might be even harder to live with me.)

I could go on and on, but I will spare you the rest of my egg worries.   Seriously, learn to cook.  It's not that hard and simple food can be delicious.