Hair Encrusted Lamb?
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Finished 2016
Top 10 Projects


1.  Granny's Wedding Quilt

2.  Krazy Batiks

3.  2010 Saturday Sampler

4.  Morgan's Quilt

5.  Kaffe Fasset Quilt



6.  Baby Blanket

7.  Square in a Square Throw

8.  Travel Socks #3



9.  Rays of Hope by Sue Reed

10.  Nametag for Shenandoah Needlepoint Guild



Baby Blanket

Well, the baby has arrived and the blanket, 


not so much.


Pennington Sampler Quilt

The top is finished.


Into the  "To Quilt" que it goes.


Most Wanted

Most WantedMost Wanted by Lisa Scottoline

From the Goodreads website:  "Christine Nilsson and her husband, Marcus, are desperate for a baby. Unable to conceive, they find themselves facing a difficult choice they had never anticipated. After many appointments with specialists, endless research, and countless conversations, they make the decision to use a donor. 

Two months pass and Christine is happily pregnant. but one day, she is shocked to see a young blond man on the TV news being arrested for a series of brutal murders-and the blond man bears an undeniable and uncanny resemblance to her donor. 

Delving deeper to uncover the truth, Christine must confront a terrifying reality and face her worst fears. Riveting and fast-paced, with the depth of emotionality that has garnered Lisa Scottoline legions of fans, Most Wanted poses an ethical and moral dilemma: What would you do if the biological father of your unborn child was a killer?"

I thought I wasn't really going to like this book, but I got sucked in.  In fact, I almost had to cheat and read the ending before I was finished.




I had a cooking day with my friends and our plan was applesauce.  Eileen and Janet trekked out to the orchards and picked up a bushel of apples.  Eileen and the other Eileen peeled and peeled, Janet chopped, and I supervised.  I'm good at that.

We added the apples and spices to a pot to simmer.

The recipe is from Food in Jars but we only used half the amount of spices.   We also made a batch with no spices that was baked in the oven.

Lois was busy making a really tasty apple pie.  Sorry, no pictures.  We gobbled it up too fast.  Here's the finished applesauce.

We each took home about 8 cups of applesauce to eat or freeze.  Another tasty and productive cooking adventure with my friends.



ANG Seminar

I've been away at the American Needlepoint Guild Seminar in New Orleans.  I took two classes and the first one was Casbah Revisited by Terry Dryden.  Here's the progress after the first day.  


and progress after the second day


I loved this class and Terry was a great instructor.  I would love to take another class with her again.  This is going to be a great piece when I finish it.