Hair Encrusted Lamb?
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Finished 2018

1.  Colorations



What Am I Working On???


1.  Granny's Wedding Quilt

2.  Josh & Nicole's Quilt

3.  Lone Starburst

4.  Kaffe Fasset Quilt

5.  Round We Go



6.  Qiviut Cowl

7.  Square in a Square Throw

8.  Travel Socks #3



9.    Chicago Ornament



An Outing

Saturday a small group of us girls went on a little excursion to New York City.  It's been a long time since we've done anything together and we planned a full day.  Our first stop was the Empire Quilt Show at The Fashion Center.  All the quilts were made by members of the guild.  I especially liked this one.  It is called The Mystical Tree by Ligaya Siachongco.

As you can see from the ribbons, I wasn't the only one that liked it.  I found a few more Asian fabrics for my Hens and Chicks quilt and a skein of Angora yarn.  I'm not sure if I'll knit it or just keep it around to pet.  It is sooo soft.  It was almost unfair marketing to have it sitting in baskets so you could touch it.   My friend Betty was inspired to start a hand piecing project and that is a major change for her. I can't wait to see the fabric she picks out.  

Our next stop was almost the Red & White Quilt Exhibit, so we subwayed (is that a word) to the other side of Manhattan.  That was such hard work that we needed refreshment to carry on.  We had a delicious lunch at an Italian restaurant.  Then, we scurried off to the Exhibit. 

WOW!!!  It was breathtaking to step into the Armory and see 650 quilts hanging from the ceiling.  My pictures are lame compared to the professional videos out there on the web.  Here is one if you have a minute to watch.

I didn't crop out the people just so you can see the scale of the show.  Oh look, it's us.  Kim really isn't scared, it just looks that way.  

Here's one more picture of the quilts.  This was truly amazing and I'm really glad I got to see it.

Another subway ride and we were at Eataly.  It is a giant Italian store with mini shops and restaurants inside.  All with an Italian theme, of course.  There was a pastry shop, a wine shop, a coffee shop, a pasta shop, gadgets, fruits and veggies, prepared foods, a cheese shop, a bakery,  and I've probably missed a few.  And there were a lot of people in there.  It was quite overwhelming.  I bought a dove shaped bread that had bits of candied orange peel and almonds in it.  It made really delicious French Toast.

Martha's Pop Up Pie Shop, our last stop was a bit of a disappointment.  There were supposed to be pies for sale and we arrived three hours before closing, but nary a pie in sight.  Apparently they had sold out much earlier.  They still had plenty of Martha's new book for sale.  I expected better planning from her. (That would be Martha Stewart that I'm referring to)  We did get to see Sarah Carey making pie dough and that was pretty awesome.

What a day.  We need to get out more often.


P.S. Happy Birthday Faye!


Out Like a Lion

I always feel like Spring will really come when I see my witch hazel blooming.

That is a good thing because I am really hoping these giant snowflakes are just a figment of my overactive imagination.


Radish or Beet?

You would think that should not even be a question.  Radishes and beets are nothing alike except that they both grow underground.  Radishes are tasty and beets are evil, although I am trying very hard to get over the "evil beet" thing.  To that end, I occasionally buy some of the exotic beets that are much milder in taste, like the yellow beets.  I cook them once, maybe twice a year, don't like them very well, and that's it until I decide to try again.  I don't know if my boys have ever tasted beets and poor David, he actually likes beets.

So my friend Mary and I were grocery shopping at the Princeton Whole Earth Center.  They have the prettiest vegetables around and we were picking and admiring when the Vegetable Guy asks if we like radishes and offers us a taste of a rather unusual radish.  Well, I had to have a few.  

A couple days later, I was thinking a few slices of radish would be good with my lunch.  I grabbed one out and cut off a few slices.  The skin seemed rather scruffy, so i trimmed it off.  It was nice and crunchy, but had a slight beet taste.  They tasted much better in the grocery store.  Oh well,  I probably won't buy them again.  


This morning while I was looking for celery, I saw another bag of round vegetables in the vegetable drawer.   Hmmmmm.  I rummaged some more and found the "radishes".  Well no wonder they tasted like beets.  They were beets.  As you can see, neither one looks much like a beet nor a radish.

This is the radish.  It tastes very much like a radish and I love the color.  I will be buying them every time I see them in the store.

 And this is the beet.  It is actually very pretty for a beet.

Pretty as it is, it still tastes like a beet.  There won't be any confusion again for a while because I won't be buying beets anytime soon.






AnathemAnathem by Neal Stephenson

Oh I just loved this book.  It is not an easy read and with most books that are over 900 pages, it took a while to get into it.  This book is not for you if you are not a science fiction fan or are scared of big books.  It is filled with serious science, math and philosophy.  The main character lives in a monastery type place that only opens it doors to the outside world once every 10 years.  Higher thinking and modern technology are kept strictly separated.  Then, the aliens come.  One of my favorite quotes from the book is:

 "Our opponent is an alien starship packed with atomic bombs," I said. "We have a protractor." 

I was so sad when it ended.  

I have read several Neal Stephenson books and have really liked all of them.  It makes me wonder what he thinks about in his spare time.  


It Felt Like Spring

It felt a lot like Spring outside.  I did my daily walk without a coat on Thursday.  My witch hazel is blooming and I have a few crocus popping out of the ground.  It's was  really hard to believe it's the middle of February.  I don't think I'll put away my coat and mittens yet, but it sure was nice outside. David has even been out for tiny strolls to the end of the block.

I'm still working on the Hens and Chicks quilt.   These are the latest blocks.  Don't you just love the blue?

I've been thinking about the finished quilt and one option would be to buy two more fabrics.  That would give me 20 blocks with each one from a different fabric.  Buying two more fabrics wouldn't be a bad thing because they are so pretty.  

Ewwww, blurry photo.


The more I think about it, the more I like that idea. 

Did I say that it felt like Spring?  It did a couple days ago when I started this post.  Now it's cold and we're expecting an inch of snow tonight.  Glad I kept the mittens out.