Hair Encrusted Lamb?
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Top 10 Projects


1.  Granny's Wedding Quilt

2.  Morgan's Quilt

3.  Josh & Nicole's Quilt

4.  Lone Starburst

5.  Kaffe Fasset Quilt



6.  Qiviut Cowl

7.  Square in a Square Throw

8.  Travel Socks #3



9.    Colorations

10.  Chicago Ornament



Lizard Ridge 

Yay!!! A completed project.  I get to update my Top 10 Projects list.  Here is the Lizard Ridge Afghan.  I found it on the website and had printed out the pattern a long time ago.  Then Margie, from the Tuesday Knitting Group, made it and it was so pretty.  Much as I liked the colors of  Noro Kureyon yarn called for in the pattern, I didn't like the feel of it.  Too scratchy for my delicate being.  I used Noro Silk Garden instead which softened up nicely when I very gently washed the afghan.


It took me a while to collect all the yarn.  I used a different color for each block and carried around a little card with all the colors I had purchased while collecting my yarns.  Some came from Idaho when I visited my sister and father.  I got some in Houston during a break from the quilt show and most of it came from my local yarn store.  Knitting commenced in October, 2008.  I started pinning up the blocks as I finished them. 

This block was a little difficult for me.  I am not really a Knitter yet, I am a knitter or a Quilter that knits, but I am a determined knitter.   I had to make sure I had enough time to knit  to a point where I could stop.  Always at the end of a 3, 6, 9, or 12 row.  I can't just look at my work and see where I left off.    Another thing that I cannot do well is rip something back past the mistake, pick up the stitches the right way, and go forward from that point.  I ripped out and restarted a lot.  I have since discovered safety lines.  I also could not chat and work on this pattern without messing it up.

The waves are made by wrapping and turning the work and knitting the other way, then wrapping and turning over and over until the wave was done.  Learning the wrap and turns was tricky.  I marked each wrap and turn stitch with paper clips (they make wonderful stitch markers) so I wouldn't get lost.   I watched YouTube videos over and over.  Determination mixed with a little bit of stubborn is a good thing.   I was not about to let this pattern defeat me.

I love the afghan and I learned a lot making it, but I won't be making another one. 

It looks like I get to choose a new knitting project although I don't think I will actually start it.   I am focusing all my knitting attention on the Houston Sweater.  Sounds like a simple thing (who am I kidding here) for a determined knitter.  Maybe if I get through it, I will become a real Knitter.


Step Back

Kim and I are going to Lancaster to the quilt show today.  I am so excited.  She's picking me up at 2:00 and away we go.  We're going to try to see some of the show, hit a store or two, check in at the hotel, and then get dinner.  I like to eat dinner at 5:00 and Kim knows that.  She casually mentioned that it might be a good idea to pack a snack to tide us over because it's not likely to happen as early as I'd like. 

I could make egg salad sandwiches.  What about cheese and crackers and apples?  I have fishy pretzels and nut health bars.  Do I have any cookies and chips?   I could run to Whole Foods and get pizza slices and veggie sandwiches.  I think there's a pound cake in the freezer.  I could make Chex Mix.  I might have time to try this recipe for chocolate pudding.   I'd need to get ice for the cooler.  I'd need to bring a cooler.

STOP!!!!   Step away from the edge!  I am supposed to be packing a snack, not dinner and definitely not enough to last for six days in the artic tundra with not a single grocery store or restaurant in sight.  Seriously, we should be able to survive for a couple of hours with the pretzels, nut bars, and a few cookies.   Sometimes it's a little crazy being me.



Too Early

I have lived here long enough to know that anything I plant now is going to get frozen.  I was just telling a friend that Frost Free Day is in May. 

But maybe the pansies will be o.k.,  look at these faces.  What happy little plants they are.  How could I possibly resist?

And doesn't that lettuce look yummy.   I could just pick it and eat it now.  Perhaps I should have gone to the grocery store instead of the garden center.  The lettuce will definately get frozen.  Maybe a container on the porch where it's a little warmer.  Ummm, yes, those are chives there too.  I can put them in the pot with the lettuce.  I'll just bring it inside if I need to.

I don't want to hear "You should have known better" when you catch me whining about my frozen, wilted lettuce in a couple of weeks.  By the way, the plants are from Kale's Garden Center.   Of course, most of the plants in my yard are from Kale's.


Quilt Fest

I went to New Jersey Quilt Fest with my friend Kim. I was a little skeptical because she has a short break in her job from about 10:30 to 1:30.  Not much time to see a quilt show and grab something for lunch.   Why did I worry (if you know me well, you know I worry about everything)?  I met her at her work, we jetted off to the sandwich shop, picked up our lunch and off to the show.  By noon, I had seen about 2/3 of the show and vendors.  We ate our lunch and finished off the show, leaving enough time to get Kim back to work.  We saw Betty going in as we were going out. 

I remembered two of the quilts from the Houston Show.  If I acted like a reporter and took notes, I would be able to mention the titles, but that's a little too nerdy even for me.  Maybe I'll get over it.  I was a little disappointed though,  I really expected more quilts.

I did have to stop and take a picture of this one.  I loved it.

This is called "Crazy Sheep" by Debra Konchinsky.  I hope I spelled her name right, I copied the show form, but when I looked her up on the web I also found Debora.  It also won a blue ribbon but I can't remember for what.   There's that lack of notes again.

If it's not obvious, here is a close up of one of the sheep.

Here's another one standing in the garden.

This is another quilt that just made me smile, especially with the gray rainy weather we've been having.

This is "Simply Strawberries" by B.J. Titus.  

The vendors at the show were great.  The arrangement was good, they weren't crammed into too small of a space.  I found some hand dyed silk ribbon and thread and a small bottle of paint in case I want to actually try painting on fabric.  Not brave enough yet, but now I'm prepared.  We met a lady from Nokesville selling jewelry.  It was so funny because we were just there delivering Cheryl's quilt.  There was also a booth with felted wool.  It was very tempting.  The colors were beautiful, but I managed to resist.



My witch hazel has been blooming since early February.  I was starting to think that spring was on the way when this happened a couple of weeks ago.


It looks just like one of those post card pictures, doesn't it?  Then, it turned into this.


I quit taking pictures after this one because I didn't want to go outside again.  There was a lot of snow.  It was over the tops of my boots.  I was so happy I didn't have to go anywhere.  Snow is much better when you can stay home. 


It's almost all melted away again and I'm back to thinking spring might be coming.  Wait, did I just say that.  I was going to go out and take a picture of crocus popping out of the ground or something like that this morning.  You know, something Springy.  Notice the lack of a picture below.  That's because there are little flakes floating out of the sky again.