Hair Encrusted Lamb?
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What Am I Working On???


1.  Granny's Wedding Quilt

2.  Josh & Nicole's Quilt

3.  Lone Starburst

4.  Kaffe Fasset Quilt

5.  Round We Go



6.  Qiviut Cowl

7.  Square in a Square Throw

8.  Travel Socks #3



9.    Colorations

10.  Chicago Ornament



Meet My Groundhog

I would like you all to meet my groundhog.  I call him mine because he lives in a hole in my yard.  Actually, I think there is more than one hole.  And, I think that he is really a she and that she also has four babies.  Four!!!! can you believe it.  They are so bold as to occasionally scamper across my deck.

There are lots of delicious plants for him to eat.  Those stubby little plants in the foreground used to be Montauk Daisies.  I open the door every time I see him so that he will scamper back to his hole.  This technique appears to have saved my lilies this year.  I only had lily stumps last year by the time he was done with them.  The daisies are not so lucky.

And look at how fat he is.  He wouldn't irritate me so much of he ate the weeds, but apparently groundhogs don't like weeds either.  Neither do the babies.


A Rant

I try not to let the computer control my life, but somehow, it is.   This morning all I wanted to do was update my iPod, check my email, send a couple of emails (one about blueberries), check my schedule, and read a few blogs.  Then I could be on my merry way.   HA!

I fired up the computer, made coffee while I waited for it to wake up, and then checked my email.  I managed to get one sent, then I remembered I wanted to update the iPod.  I opened iTunes, connected the iPod and shrunk it while it did it's thing.  I checked my calendar and to do list to see how my day looked.  Checked off a few of my "to do" items and then it happened.  I tried to check on how my iPod was doing.  The iTunes wouldn't unshrink.   The iPod had that message on it "Do Not Unplug"   I always worry that it will explode if I unplug it, so I didn't.  But I still couldn't unshrink iTunes.  I closed the other programs I was running (the same three I run every morning, I am a creature of habit).  iTunes still would not cooperate. 

Time for drastic action.  I told the computer to shut down.  It started to, then I got the "Windows Update Installing" message.  So I waited and waited and waited.  I dusted, I ate breakfast, I unplugged the iPod (no explosion and not updated).  Finally, the computer turned off.  It must have been a huge update.  I turned it back on, waited for it to ready itself for work and what appears on the screen but "Windows Needs to Restart to Finish Installing Updates".

Now it is restarted, I have had my little rant and its already 10:00 a.m.  The day is almost half over.   Do I dare to try to update my iPod? 


It's Time

It's time for another birthday.    Happy Birthday little Jer!!!


Hens & Chicks

Every Monday some of my friends come over and we have a cup of tea and and stitch for a couple of hours.  This is the project I usually work on unless I have something else that really needs to get done.  The pattern is called Hens and Chicks.


It is all hand pieced.  I collected Oriental fabrics and I have 16 fabrics.  That was the hard part.  The Oriental fabrics are so beautiful that it's hard to decide which ones to use.  I think I will make 48 squares, 3 in each fabric, but who knows. 


I started this project a while ago but I don't think I'll mention exactly how long that was. 



Hurry, before it's too late.  You still might be able to find fresh asparagus in the Farmer's Markets.  I love fresh asparagus, but it has to be "just so".  No woody, stringy ends and cooked until just tender crisp.  I don't like mushy asparagus at all.   If you have some tender crisp spears just laying around waiting to be eaten, you can do this:

Mix a bit of olive oil (get out the good stuff), lemon juice, salt, and pepper and pour over the spears.  This also makes a nice salad dressing too.  Toss to coat the spears and grate a bit of lemon peel on the top.  Tasty!