Hair Encrusted Lamb?
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Finished 2018
What Am I Working On???


1.  Granny's Wedding Quilt

2.  Josh & Nicole's Quilt

3.  Lone Starburst

4.  Kaffe Fasset Quilt

5.  Round We Go



6.  Qiviut Cowl

7.  Monster Pants

8.  Travel Socks #3



9.    Chicago Ornament



South of Broad

From the Goodreads website:  "The one and only Pat Conroy returns, with a big, sprawling novel that is at once a love letter to Charleston and to lifelong friendship.

Against the sumptuous backdrop of Charleston, South Carolina, South of Broad gathers a unique cast of sinners and saints. Leopold Bloom King, our narrator, is the son of an amiable, loving father who teaches science at the local high school. His mother, an ex-nun, is the high school principal and a well-known Joyce scholar. After Leo's older brother commits suicide at the age of thirteen, the family struggles with the shattering effects of his death, and Leo, lonely and isolated, searches for something to sustain him. Eventually, he finds his answer when he becomes part of a tightly knit group of high school seniors that includes friends Sheba and Trevor Poe, glamorous twins with an alcoholic mother and a prison-escapee father; hardscrabble mountain runaways Niles and Starla Whitehead; socialite Molly Huger and her boyfriend, Chadworth Rutledge X; and an ever-widening circle whose liaisons will ripple across two decades-from 1960s counterculture through the dawn of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. 

The ties among them endure for years, surviving marriages happy and troubled, unrequited loves and unspoken longings, hard-won successes and devastating breakdowns, and Charleston's dark legacy of racism and class divisions. But the final test of friendship that brings them to San Francisco is something no one is prepared for. South of Broad is Pat Conroy at his finest; a long-awaited work from a great American writer whose passion for life and language knows no bounds.

Oh my goodness, this book makes me want to gather up all my friends and move to Charleston.   I loved the characters and I loved the story.  


A few years ago I was at a needlepoint seminar in Chicago.  I couldn't leave without

a Chicago needlepoint ornament.  It's all mounted up and ready to stitch.


Maybe I will start a new tradition and make an ornament for all the places I visit.


A New Arrangement

There have been a few changes in the quilt.  We're liking the dark center better and some of the other blocks have been moved around a bit.


It's a little short so I have another row going on.

We have two borders picked out and they will go on very soon.  I think its going to be really pretty.





Chicken and Dumplings

We had another cooking day and our project was Chicken and Dumplings and Spaetzle.  Lots of vegetables to start the soup.


We used a recipe from the Manassass Farmers Market as a guideline for the Chicken and Dumplings.  The dumplings simmering in the soup.

 and finally, a really tasty lunch.  

Our next adventure was the Spaetzle.  Anne had done quite a bit of research on these little gems.  Here she is drizzling them into boiling salted water.  This is fun food.

After a little cook in the pot, we dumped them into a skillet with clarified butter to brown for a bit, then a sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

A fairly yummy day all in all.


Drowning Ruth

From the Goodreads website:  "In the winter of 1919, a young mother named Mathilda Neumann drowns beneath the ice of a rural Wisconsin lake. The shock of her death dramatically changes the lives of her daughter, troubled sister, and husband. . . . Told in the voices of several of the main characters and skipping back and forth in time, the narrative gradually and tantalizingly reveals the dark family secrets and the unsettling discoveries that lead to the truth of what actually happened the night of the drowning. . . ."   

I was surprised that I really liked this book.  It is one of Oprah's Book Club choices and I usually find them depressing.  I got involved in the story and I wanted to know what happened that night.