Hair Encrusted Lamb?
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Finished 2018
What Am I Working On???


1.  Granny's Wedding Quilt

2.  Josh & Nicole's Quilt

3.  Lone Starburst

4.  Kaffe Fasset Quilt

5.  Round We Go



6.  Qiviut Cowl

7.  Monster Pants

8.  Travel Socks #3



9.    Chicago Ornament




The outline of the Chicago buildings are done.


Well, almost done.  Now for the fun part of filling them in.


Emergency Knitting

I am up to my ears in emergency knitting.  My Daughter-in-law is pregnant (YAY!)  and my nephew's wife is pregnant.  I have a tiny start on one of the baby blankets.  It is the Super Easy Crib Blanket from Purl Bee.


After I finished the last baby blanket I thougt about starting another one so I would have one in reserve.  Why didn't I listen to myself?


Embroidery Hearts

I've been quilting.  I embroidered these hearts way way back in 1999.  It was a block of the Month and it was so long ago that I do not have the name of the designer anymore.  The top was finished in 2000 and then I let it age for 18 years (YIKES!!!) before I decided to quilt it.


 For me, the first step was sketching the beginnings of a design on all the blocks

then trying it out.


Turned out pretty good for me.  I'm happy.





Perhaps Spring is on the way.  The helleborus are blooming.


Since I was out in the birch bed taking pictures


Birch bark.  


It's possible Spring won't show up for a day or two since we are expecting snow tonight.


Lone Starburst

A couple of years ago I signed up to take a class from Kimberly Einmo.  I went out and bought all my supplies, then I was unable to go to class.  Since I already had everything, I turned it into my leaders and enders project.  I cut out the pieces while I waited for the iron to heat up or for the computer to finish computing.  I sewed strips together and I cut diamonds.


Then I sewed diamonds together to make bigger diamonds.

 I make a 1/4 inch mark on the seam so I know exactly where to line everything up so the diamonds match.


 They won't always be perfect, but they will be darn close.