Mozzarella Cheese
Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 5:37PM
Connie in Cooking

We had our cooking day and the topic was mozzarella cheese.  One gallon of milk per batch.  We used the recipe from "One Hour Cheese" by Claudia Lucero.

 Turning into curds and whey on top of the stove.

 We've scooped out the curds and given them a couple of kneads.  There's a little more whey to drain off.

 It really felt like shaping bread dough at this point and made the cutest little mozzarella balls.


Opps, where's the picture.  Oh, there is no picture,  I ate mine.

We had two batches turn out perfectly and two batches that were more ricotta cheese like.  I'm pretty sure we were too excited and impatient and didn't let those batches cook long enough.  In our defense, it was so much fun to watch and we are new at this.  

I made my ricotta into a delicious dinner.

 Toast, ricotta, olive oil and herbs.  I remembered to take a picture in the nick of time.  

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